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Less clutter. More clarity. Your haven awaits.


The saying is true, when you love what you have, you have everything you need. Our goal at Simply Haven Nashville is to transform any space in your home into a soothing oasis. From the basement to the attic, a child’s playroom, the pantry, master bedroom, we do it all.



You don’t need an expensive kitchen remodel to have a well organized kitchen. You simply need a professional organizer! At Simply Haven Nashville we will evaluate your space and come up with ways to efficiently and effectively clear the clutter and create a kitchen that’s easy and fun to use.

For people on the go and juggling hectic schedules, a properly organized kitchen can make a huge difference when it comes to things like meal prep, weekend breakfasts as a family, and dinner parties.


Make a big difference in a small space! With our bathroom organization system, you’ll be able to easily find the things you use most. We implement under the sink storage solutions that make sense, redesign medicine cabinets, and repurpose counter and closet space so you actually have space! In the end you’ll have a refreshing transformation and a spa-like atmosphere where your old bathroom used to be.


Your bedroom is your haven. It’s the only place people are truly most comfortable. It’s private and personal. It’s also probably cluttered, stuffy, and overwhelming. We rejuvenate that space, so when you walk in the door you feel a sense of peace and calm.

No two spaces are alike. At Simply Haven Nashville we promise a personalized experience to transform the most important room in the house into a fresh, clean, and organized space. You’ll love living in peace with simplicity around every corner.

Living Spaces

A home organization specialist can do more than make your living space useful and beautiful again. Working together, we will help you go through meaningful items you love, show you how to repurpose items currently collecting dust, and help you decide what to donate.

From the couch to the coffee table, we’ll declutter and organize the room your family uses most. Our goal is to create a more inviting and sophisticated space where you can really put your feet up and relax.

Master Closets

Out with the old, stained, ripped, don’t-fit-anymore items that clutter your closet! Simply Haven Nashville will help you get rid of these items once and for all, leaving you with only the items you look and feel good wearing.

We know an organized master closet doesn’t have to be an expensive, custom-made closet. With a little help from a professional organizer, your closet can be transformed into a beautiful, useful space that leads to success.


Think you’re out of space? Think again! We will create the best organized pantry so you can make the most of your kitchen space. Our pantry storage solutions are designed so you’ll never lose a spice or jar of pasta sauce again.


  • Food storage solutions that make sense
  • Small and walk-in pantry redesigns
  • An organized system that’s functional and beautiful


If you’ve stepped on a Lego or tripped over Barbie, ouch! We’ve been there! And we know how overwhelming it can be to tackle a child’s playroom. Our approach is simple: evaluate, sort, organize.

We will help you and your child identify the toys they love to play with as well as toys that are developmentally appropriate and from there help you decide which toys to donate and which ones to keep.

We will completely transform the messiness into an organized, purposeful space your child will enjoy playing in again.


The garage is one of the most, if not the most, unorganized spaces in a house; it’s an easy dumping ground. Trust our professional organizer to turn the messiness into a garage space you can actually use. Whether you’re trying to get that second car to fit, or create a functional workspace for projects and crafts, Simply Haven Nashville offers custom solutions for your family.

We’ve seen it all, from garden tools array to unpacked boxes from a previous move, paint cans and other chemicals piled up … our professional organizer can tackle anything!


Yearbooks, old sports trophies, holiday decorations, newspaper clippings, things you’ve completely forgotten about … if this sounds like your attic and you’re overwhelmed at the thought of clearing it out, we’ve got you covered.

A professional organizer will help you go through those dusty boxes and create a storage space you can actually use. Attic cleaning with Simply Haven Nashville includes organizing and repacking items to create a more efficient storage system so you can easily find your stuff.

Linen Closets

Overwhelmed by hard-to-fold bed sheets and mismatched pillow cases? Do you have an abundance of blankets for every season or extra guest pillows collecting dust? We’ll give your linen closet the makeover it so desperately needs and when we’re done you’ll find a fresh space with even more space. Count on us to do the laundry and the folding, and we’ll put it all away!

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